Here is a selection of Marquee extras, for a more comprehensive list and to discuss what is needed get in touch.

Marquee Matting Flooring

Soft natural look matting flooring with a waterproof membrane laid underneath

£400 - £550

Inside Fairy Lights

Inside fairy lights look beautiful in a star formation splaying out from the centre king poles. These are all the interior lights you will need for your event


Wooden Parquet Dancefloor

Dancefloors come in different sizes. Price range below

£464 - £564

Flower Rings

6ft diameter tubular rings ready for your florist to decorate. They work on a pulley system and can be lowered for decoration then hired back up

£45 each

Pre Made

Flower Ring


Quality artificial pre made flower ring using green foliage and draping white wisteria.

£100 each

Marquee Wooden Flooring

Solid wood panelled flooring for a more premiumum feel

From £7 per sqm

Flying Festoon Lights

For extra wow factor the flying overhead festoons frame the marquee and create an ambient atmosphere going into the evening



Includes cabelling, sockets, delivery, set up and approximatley 24hrs of fuel


Rustic Oak Whiskey Barrels

Standing approximately 3' high, these authentic barrels make an ideal small gathering point or drinks table

£30 each

Hanging Ladders

Wooden Ladders approximately 4.5m  hang between the king poles inside the marquee. These would be decorated by your florist

£100 each

Spill Out Matting

Create an outdoor spill out area with matting laid out to form a hollow square surrounded with giant crooks, festoons & rattan chill out furniture

£300 - £510


Staging comes in different  sizes. Price range below

£350 - £450


Supplied with enough fuel for 12hrs constant use. Warm air is deducted from the outside and controlled by a thermostat inside


Rustic Milk Churn 'Post Box'


Ideal for collecting cards


Fire Bowl

Fire Bowl (80cm diamater) with stand & small bag of wood included to enjoy when the sun goes down

£65 each

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